commercial window washing new york

Spring is the time of planning and subsequent General cleaning with the mandatory washing of Windows. All concerned about the question — when to wash the Windows in the spring? Many commercial window washing new york start this event on the onset of heat. Since it is impossible to avoid this, you need to try to minimize the time and effort. The best helpers are the modern detergents, in which the composition includes a surfactant (surface active substances). They help to separate the pollution from the surface and to split it. The end result is a film that allows the glass to stay clean longer. One rule is important to remember that any chemistry adversely affects the skin of the hands, so do not forget to use rubber gloves during this work. If the product is sprayed, you need to be careful and avoid contact with the eyes and respiratory tract.

How to wash Windows properly?
Insiders say that the arrangement of Windows for beginners is really professional window cleaning new york a time-consuming exercise. Although if you know the rules and some features of all the difficulties can be reduced to a minimum. However, there is another option, do not waste time and effort and order this service from a cleaning company. Their prices are quite real in comparison with the size of the forces and nerves that will have to spend a person conducting this procedure quite rarely. In addition, in the Arsenal there are always various tools and detergents that will allow to wash Windows faster and better, they know exactly how to wash the Windows outside on the balcony, on the loggia, blind Windows and even large sliding Windows. There are people who wonder if they wash their Windows in the rain. The professionals answer that it is better to wait for the appropriate weather, as rain water can have some particles that can damage the glass. In what weather and at what temperature to wash Windows up to you.

How often to wash Windows?
To answer this question, you need to be based on the location of the Windows and the amount of free time. If you live in a metropolis the Windows will be more quickly contaminated, respectively, they will also need to wash more often. The Windows are located on the lower floors, too, the dirt gets much more often. On average, the Windows should be washed at least twice a year. That they are not heavily contaminated is better to carry out this procedure once every three months. High plastic Windows and window sills have a certain specificity of cleaning, how to wash quickly and what is convenient to clean such Windows are known only by professionals from the cleaning service.