boost lol

in the League of Legends (and not only) there is such a thing as MMR – a hidden ranking of ranked games. In fact, MMR and ELO are the same. The higher the MMR and ELO, the boost lol stronger and more serious you will come across as allies and opponents.

Specifically, our service is engaged in pumping (increase) your rating (rank \ divisions) in Ranked League of Legends games. The higher the rating-the more literate and serious players will come across with you when selecting in the lobby, thus, the game becomes much more interesting, as all the inept players (or as they are called «crayfish») will be eliminated, and will be behind you in Elo-Hella.

Why would I want to buy ELOBOOST ?

The answer to this question is obvious. If you do not have enough time, perseverance, certain experience, knowledge, and other components to break up in the normal lol boost division and the League, and you are sick and tired of constantly getting into the team to the trolls – where people specifically merge games \ often AFK-shat \ constantly flaymyat \ insult your team \ saying that all the «crabs» except for themselves-it is better not to spend nerves on such idiots, and spending just not such a large amount, our boosters will raise You to the desired League and division, where such players it will. Not always, but usually starting with Gold-Platinum and above, 80% of the trolls are eliminated. Playing with adequate people who respect and help their team is much more interesting than playing with trolls in Bronze.

How safe is ELOBOOST ?

We have been working in this field for a long time, for all the time (more than four years) there was not a single case of ban from any of our customers. Although Riot Games themselves do not approve of these services, and it is prohibited by the rules of the server, despite this, we do everything as safe as possible for you. Many clients have passed through us, everyone has always been satisfied with our work. Unlike other «boosters \ school-boosters (let’s call them so)» – we do alabasta professionally, and developed its own scheme how to do everything as safely as possible for their customers. And even in case of suspicion by Riot Games staff You in bust, to prove your guilt will be very, very problematic. To do this, we have our own security methods developed over the years. But in spite of all this, ordering the service of the account – you have to understand that you take it at your own risk. We guarantee high quality work, in a short time, with maximum security for the account, but are not responsible for the subsequent actions of the server administration.